About Us
The Dutch Settlers Society of Albany was founded in 1924, in connection with the celebration of the tercentenary of the settlement of the City, and was instituted to:

  • perpetuate the memory and virtues of the individuals who resided here during the time it was a Dutch colony

  • collect and preserve records and information concerning the history and settlement of Albany and its vicinity, including genealogical records of the settlers and their descendants without regard to race, creed or country of origin

  • foster the study of the early history of the City

While many people associate us with the Tulip Fesitval, Pinksterfest and the ceremonial Scrubbing of State (Jonkers) Street, the Society participates in many community activities to perpetuate the history of New Netherland, with emphasis on the settlement of Fort Orange, later called Beverwijck, and the Colony of Rensselaerswijck prior to 1664. 

The Society encourages others to study and teach this often overlooked period in early American history.

A major way in which the Society promotes awareness and disseminates knowledge is through the publication of its Yearbook.  Yearbooks contain studies, genealogies, articles and general information relative to the early history of the Hudson River region previously unavailable to the general public.